Coal River Mountain Watch

The mission of Coal River Mountain Watch is to stop the destruction of its communities and environment by mountaintop removal mining, to improve the quality of life in its area and to help rebuild sustainable communities. Coal River Mountain Watch (CRMW) is a grassroots organization begun in 1998 in response to the fear and frustration of people living near or downstream from huge mountaintop removal sites. CRMW began as a small group of volunteers working to organize the residents of southern West Virginia to fight for social, economic, and environmental justice. From its humble beginnings, CRMW has become a major force in opposition to mountaintop removal.

Southern Appalachian Mountain Stewards

Southern Appalachian Mountain Stewards (SAMSVA) is an organization of concerned community members and their allies who are working to stop the destruction of our communities by surface coal mining, to improve the quality of life in our area, and to help rebuild sustainable communities.

I Love Mountains

A website produced by Appalachian Voices and Mathew Gross, a pioneer in online organizing and former director of internet communications for the Howard Dean campaign. “I Love Mountains” has become the unofficial motto of the movement to end mountaintop removal.

Appalachian Voices

Appalachian Voices brings people together to solve the environmental problems having the greatest impact on the central and southern Appalachian Mountains. Its mission is to empower people to defend our region’s rich natural and cultural heritage by providing them with tools and strategies for successful grassroots campaigns.

West Virginia Environmental Council

The mission of the West Virginia Environmental Council is to facilitate communication and cooperation among citizens in promoting environmental protection in West Virginia, to assist in organizing grassroots groups, to facilitate interaction among established environmental organizations, and to correspond with all appropriate local, state, and federal agencies involved in the management of West Virginia’s environment.

Earth Justice

Since 1971, Earth Justice has been the legal backbone for the environmental movement.

Appalachian Mountain Advocates

Appalachian Mountain Advocates is a non-profit law and policy center dedicated to fighting for clean water and a clean energy future. For over 15 years, we have worked hard to fight the coal industry’s attempts at expansion and prevent it from leaving a legacy of pollution.

The Appalachian Center

The Appalachian Citizens’ Law Center is a nonprofit law firm that fights for justice in the coalfields by representing coal miners and their families on issues of black lung and mine safety and by working with grassroots groups and individuals to protect the land and people from misuse and degradation caused by extractive industries.

West Virginia Highlands Conservancy

The West Virginia Highlands Conservancy promotes, encourages and works for the conservation – including both preservation and wise management – and appreciation of the natural resources of West Virginia and the Nation.  The organization’s focus is primarily on the Highlands Region of West Virginia, but its work is for the cultural, social, educational, physical health, spiritual and economic benefit of present and future generations of residents and visitors alike.

Wikipedia Entry

Mountaintop removal mining (MTR) is a relatively new form of coal mining which takes the mountain off the coal. Up to 1,000 vertical feet of local relief are blasted away to get to the thin coal seams underneath. MTR requires that the targeted land be clear-cut and then blasted by heavy use of explosives. The debris created is typically scraped into the adjacent river valleys in what is called a valley fill. Most mountaintop removal in the United States occurs in West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky, but is being used increasingly in central Tennessee and southwest Virginia. At current rates, mountaintop removal will mine over 1.4 million acres by 2010.

Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition

The Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, formed in 1987, is a nonprofit organization with a mission to organize and maintain a diverse grassroots organization dedicated to the improvement and preservation of the environment through education, grassroots organizing and coalition building, leadership development and media outreach. The organization’s work encompasses much of West Virginia.

Mountain Watershed Association

The Mountain Watershed Association Inc. is a non-profit community-based Pennsylvania corporation concerned with the preservation and remediation of the Indian Creek Watershed from Jones Mills, Westmoreland County to the Youghiogheny River, Fayette County.

Center for Coalfield Justice

The mission of the Center for Coalfield Justice is to educate and to lead, coordinate and assist citizens’ efforts to defend their rights, to protect the environment, and to improve and enforce laws and public policy regarding the mining and use of coal.